It all started when...

2 brothers and their best friend decided to start a business together. Driven by passion and fueled by eagerness for success, we decided that is time to start our own business.. And between working for Microsoft and having previous experience in retail and restaurant businesses. All 3 of us sat down and started assigning roles together. from updating the menu, upgrading the recipes. to remolding and redesigning the place. to marketing and engaging more customers for sales.

While Organic products have been gaining more popularity recently, and been desired by more people. the Market has been demanding more day after day. Hence, our goal has been to provide Seattle residents with healthy and organic products and help serve the needed veggies and fruit servings in quick healthy food items and delicious & refreshing smoothies.

And in a city that run on Coffee, who wouldn’t like a fresh cup of organic coffee made with with award-wining Caffe D'‘arte Italian coffee? we offer a wide selection of Coffee options including, Regular, decaf, white, cold brew and drip coffee. which is guaranteed to satisfy any coffee loving person.